Special guests from Dhammajata Vihara 2019

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20th Jan 2019, BISDS is very honored and humbled from the maiden visit of DhammaJata Vihara’s Abbort, Ven. DhammaSiri, accompanied by the Committee members and Dhamma teachers together with their Sunday Schools students.

The entourage of more than 40 people from this Penang Buddhist group arrived in BMV at 9am. They were ushered to the Pagoda by Sis Donna Wong, the secretary of BISDS, where the group met Chief Reverend, Ven Dhammaratana. After paying their respect to Chief Reverend and a short discussion, the group were led by Bro Tan KL, the BISDS EXCO member together with bro Prem from BMV to Asoka hall in Wisma Dharma Cakra for a video viewing on the history of BISDS and its activities.

With great gratitude to Ven Dhammasiri and his team, BISDS was presented with 3 sets of encyclopedias for BMV library and several other books compiled in soft copy as BISDS teaching tools. In appreciation to DhammaJata Vihara’s goodwill, BISDS have reciprocated with a modest gift of BISDS School Text Books as well K.Sri Dhammananda’s centenary books including several others books as a token of appreciation, presented by Bro Tan KL to the Committee of DhammaJata Vihara.

Thereafter, the group were led by Bro Tan KL and Bro Prem for a grand tour of Wisma Dharma Cakra and BISDS classrooms including Puja hall, where Puja sessions was ongoing.

After a simple lunch, there group were ushered for a group photo before they left.

By sis Jacqueline