Painting Service to Bodhi Tree Area

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On last Sunday ( 21st of April), a group of volunteers consist of BISDS youth and staff, BMV staff and devotees volunteered to paint the Bodhi tree area as part of the preparation for the coming Wesak 2019.

The following are some sharing from the volunteers. Come and see what they said

Liew Jo Yee, youth
I feel happy that I did a good deed, helping the temple prepare for Wesak.

Sis Serena, BMV
Feeling joy and contentment to have had such great opportunity to paint Bodhi Area.

Ng Zhao Xian, youth
I feel enjoy and teamwork

Vincent Gwee, youth
You can have good times with anyone, but it's really different and much more interesting when you do something which can contribute to the beauty of the Temple. I felt happy that i am able to help out with the painting of the Bodhi Tree Area. 

Leong Xhi Wen, youth
Good, exciting, understand that painting is not easy at all..