Kathina ceremony on Sunday, 20th.October,2019.

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It was school as usual. Students and teachers all dressed in white happily walked to their respective classrooms. The teachers then explained clearly the importance and significance of Kathina to the students.

The students then were led in an orderly manner to the allocated seats in the Asoka Hall. With their individual gift, each student waited patiently and anxiously to perform Dana to the Maha Sangha. It was such a beautiful sight.

The ceremony started with the gracious arrival of the Maha Sangha, led by the Principal, Bhante Siridhamma. Principal started the ceremony with recitation of salutations to the Buddha and lead in the observance 5 precepts. The students were all ears, listening ardently to the Principal explaining in detail the significance of Khatina and the benefits in participating in the ceremony. Bhante then continued with chanting to commence the offerings. When their respective classes were called by the MC of the day, the students took their gifts and walked orderly towards the Sangha to offer their requisites by kneeling in front of the Sangha to hand over their requites and bow low in gratitude to the Sangha.

After all the students, staff and parents have offered all their requisites, Bhante Siridhama and all the Sangha present in the hall lead the sharing of merits to the Devas, all the departed Sanghas and relatives. The ceremony ended after the sprinkling of holy water and blessings from the Sangha,

The students then proceeded to collect their snacks and drinks before they left for home to share with their parents and siblings on their experience and joy of giving.

By sis Jacq Ee