Dhamma Minder 4 ( 4th lesson)

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The topic discussed in the 5th lesson of Dhamma Minders 4 on 28 July 2018 was Right State of Mind for Teens Facilitators by Bro Khooi Choo Boon. Bro Khooi is an experienced business coach and consultant. Currently he is teaching in Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society. He shared on the characteristics and qualities one should have in order to be able to positively influence teenagers. He touched on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which is about being aware of patterns and to change them when and where necessary so that it works to your advantage. From then on, he explained that communication is a very important component when interacting with teens. With the right communication, empowering them will not be a challenge. He elaborated on the language we use as facilitators and the conditioning belief in our communications. He continued to explain as well as gave several examples on limiting beliefs. The point to note when the attempting to overcome limiting beliefs is to become aware of them.

After a short refreshment break, Brother Tee Chee Seng continued the lesson with the topic on The Art of Giving. We often find ourselves asking what to give, how to give and the karma that comes with it. Bro Tee explained thoroughly the deed of giving and what we should mindfully do as followers of the Dhamma. Before he proceeded to discuss the details on Dana (giving), he asked the participants to ponder on what is the actual purpose we give? He then continued to share the details of giving; one needs to give consideration to the giver, the gifts and the receiver. Thereafter the making of aspirations to complete the process of the good thoughts of giving. The art of giving is like planting a seed; if we plant it into a fertile soil, it will reap larger and sweeter fruit.

In summary, the participants had the opportunity to learn on how to communicate and the language to use including the conditioning beliefs plus sowing the seed of Dana in the fertile land to reap the fruit and thereafter making aspiration to continue the good deed in the path of liberation to Nibbana.

Gratitude to all the facilitators as well as the Dana doner for the delicious red bean soup and ondeh-ondeh

By Sis Jacqueline Ee on 27th of July 2018