Dhamma Minder 4 (3rd day)

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Our facilitator, Dr Khoo Boon Hock continued with the part 2 of Nurturing 4+4+1Cs life skills for a child to thrive in the 21st Century on 14 July in BMV, Wisdom room. He started the lesson by continuing with the 5th 'Cs' that is Self-Control and thereafter proceeded with Content, Courage and Caring. He elaborated on these 'Cs' in detail including providing examples plus pictures and also videos to emphasise the importance of the subject matter. All the 50 teachers attended were all ears listening attentively to Dr Khoo's sharing.

He than continued with the 9th 'Cs" that is Character. Dr Khoo elaborated on what constitutes a good character, the classification of character which includes the 3 "H" - head, heart and hand. He has also explained on the character matters & well being that is PERMA. He has also recommended a good read on character from the book entitled Character, Strength & Virtues written by Christopher Peterson Martin E.P. Seligman.

Before he ended his session he proceeded to explain on the Grit, Optimism, Zest, Self Control, Gratitude, Curiosity & Self Intelligence and examples were displayed in his presentation.

After a short refreshment break, Bro Tee Chee Seng continued the class on Anger Management. He shared the formula for seeking happiness and why one gets angry or rather how does anger arise and what prompted anger. He elaborated on Anger is one of the 3 roots of evil. He has also reminded the class  to always ask oneself " Do I have to get angry"? He proceeded with the 'solution' to reduce anger with loving kindness. compassion, equanimity & understanding.He concluded the session with seeing our image when one gets angry. Well, we all have a choices -- Do we have to get angry?

Teachers are role models in class, at home, in the Buddhist community and every where we are. We need to curb & manage our anger plus to build the 4+4+1 Cs in ourselves first to enable us to walk the talk in class with our students.

Including the facilitators & guests, in total we had about 58 pax in the house on that day. The sessions were interesting and enlightening. We all had fun learning and enriching ourselves with new knowledge with the topics that are very relevant to everyone present.