Dental Activity Day for BISDS students and staff

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23rd of September 2018

Thank you, Ministry of Health, Dentistry Dept. for providing a community service to the Buddhist Maha Vihara and  BISDS students. A wonderful day for our students as they are able to learn about oral health care.  In total there are 3 sections, i. Dental care presentation, ii. Dental exhibition and iii. Dental screening service provided for students and staff

All this is part of Dhamma living skills to enable students to alleviate ignorance on our oral health care and how to take care of our teeth properly.

The following are the interview reports from our 6 out of 8 volunteers:

“I feel so happy to be here today and also to rejoice together with all BISDS brothers & sisters in helping to get ready to shift into our new building.” By Sis Fiona Ong

“I feel so blessed to be able to participate in this volunteer service. Good that with the free dental check, children can learn to take good care of their teeth at an early age.” By Bro Lam Voon Chee

“I am so blessed to be given this great opportunity to serve as a volunteer. Can be a role model especially to the Myanmar students. Merits can be shared.” By Sis Wee

“I am feeling very good to be a teacher, able to help out taking care of the Myanmar students.” By Parrvathi

“I always feel happy to be able to contribute to whatever BMV requires or needs.” By Bro Tan Lin Choong:

“Its just a service I can give. I feel very happy and excited today to be in this new building.” By Sis Ong Sim Leng

“To serve as a volunteer, I feel very satisfied. There is so much joy and happiness to be here today.” By Sis Elaine Chai

Overall articles provided by bro David Kong and Sis Judy Tan