BISDS - Wesak T-Shirt Design Contest

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Thank you for all the committee members, teachers and friends for your support. I'm really grateful that I won the first prize. I don't think I can win this prize without my Dhamma Teachers who taught me the knowledge of Dhamma. This shirt design represents the knowledge of Dhamma which I've learnt for years till today. Living in joy is about following the teaching of Buddha. I'll explain out the meanings of the design.

For the front side, the heart represents loving kindness. The dhammacakka wheel represents the Noble Eightfold path in our heart. The lotus flower grow on muddy soil, blossom into beautiful flowers and in turn beautifies the environment. Like lotus flowers, we have potential to develop wisdom and a good heart, filled with loving kindness and compassion. Lotus flower is depicted here having three petals representing we, as householders taking refuge in the triple gems (Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha). I prefer green and blue color because it's refreshing, new looking and natural.

For the back view, by living in accordance with Buddha- Dhamma, we bring freshness, beauty, happiness, meaning and purpose in our lives. This is beautifully captured in the tag line "Living in joy". Two people happily united with each others, helping each others, how do you think about it then it's about it. Living in joy is about the freedom you that wanted to find. There have no boundaries on happiness and as always, put worries away. Always follow the teaching of the Buddha and be happy!

Message from the Winner Leong Zhi Wen, BISDS Youth


Results of the BISDS Wesak T-Shirt Design Contest 2018:

The Winner   : Leong Zhi Wen, Youth

2nd prize       : foong Ah Chee, Staff

3rd prize        : Natalie Leong, Ananda

Consolation   : Foong Ah Chee (Staff) ; Enid Chow Ming Wai (Ananda); Zhen Jie (Nanda) ; Tan Wei Jun (Vakali)

Congratulations to all winners!