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Voice of Dhamma Choir

“Teacher, teacher, I want to join choir!” exclaimed little Earn Xi. Every Sunday, a group of students aged 8-12 gather in GIIS to sing their hearts out. The practice starts at 12.30pm after the Sunday school ends. Singing Buddhist Hymns is another interesting way to learn the Dhamma, instead of just didactic lessons in the classroom.

The choir was the brain-child of Ven K SiriDhamma Thera, the Principal of BISDS. In July 2017, Bhante SiriDhamma appointed a few teachers to set-up and organize the choir. Within a few weeks, 19 students signed up and practice started in earnest. The children enjoyed their choir sessions very much. They trained well under the watchful eyes of , and good guidance from the teachers. Their joyful faces and cheerful demeanour made the practice session lively and encouraging.

Very soon, they performed in the BISDS Prize-Giving ceremony in Nov 2017. In 2018, they will kick-start the year with  CNY  Open House Singing on 3/3/2018.  They will join the energetic and enthusiastic BISDS Youth for this joyful event A series of other events are lined up for them to participate as well. We will keep everyone posted on these later.

A big Sadhu to Mr Jimmy Lim, the music teacher and the teachers, for their effort and guidance.

by Sister Baby Cheah (Head of Voice of Dhamma Choir Group)