BISDS Teens Fellowship Camp 2019

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BISDS Teens Fellowship Camp 2019

Date: 25 March to 28 March 2019.

BISDS youths organized the annual Teens Fellowship Camp (TFC) during the last March school holiday.  This 4 days 2 nights camp was organized by 27 youths and lead by teacher Ronald and few teachers. The Theme of the camp is “Growing in the Dhamma”.  We have 16 participants with a good mixed of girls and boys.  This is the first year we organized camp in our new renovated Wisma Dharma Cakra building.  Besides lot of interesting activities, the organizer managed to invite Bhante Saranapala to give Dhamma talk on Meditation to all participants and youths. All youths and teens have spent a meaningful 4 days together.

The following are some feedbacks extracted from participants:

“In the morning, we get to do puja to calm our mind and morning exercise to wake us up.  At this camp there is also committees and facis that taken very good care of us” by Jeremy

“It was excellent, because there are some activities and food surprised me.” By Jim Chuen

“This camp is enjoyable for teenagers.  I felt tired but fun.” by Jonathan

“This camp has a lots of fun and interesting activities.”  by Edmund

“Water games and candle night are both amazing!”  By Emily

“I really enjoyed this camp and I hope I can attend this camp again, furthermore, the place is clean and its totally different from my expectation!” By Jolyn 

“I feel happy to have the opportunity to come to this camp as I made friends and learned along the way.  I also reflected about myself during candle night &realized that I need to love my family” By participant

Compiled by San Ping, Tan