BISDS - Teens Charity Food and Games Fair 2018

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Date : 11th of February 2018

Time: 8.30am-10.30am

On the 11th of Feb 2018, BISDS had organized a Teens charity Food fair to raise fund for a non-profit charity organization. As part of the Teens’ syllabus, to development the culture “Dana in Action”, putting the Dhamma in the practice is one of the key objective of this charity drive.  Teens are being guided to learn how to plan and execute the fair.  As part of the process of organizing this fair, teens learned how to work together as a team, sharing workload, taking responsibility and accountability as well as learning the project management.

Januli Thimansa, Mahinda

The hard work and effort para off, in the end our class ended up with a massive success and raise RM 769.00, all the students were happy and proud of such an achievement.

Emily Leong, Mahinda

I am happy that all the proceed we gained from our hard work of the day able to help one of the needy organization.  Looking forward to join the 2nd stage of the “Dana in Action” program.

Jay Ru, Mahinda

During the food fair, the experience I’d learned was that selling stuff isn’t easy at all, also the price of the beverages and snacks should be lower.  After the food fair, I felt exhausted and tired, but at the same time, I felt happy that I could cheer up many customers so that they can have a happy day. 


Marcus Kee, Mahinda

We earned RM769. By selling food and drinks and from the games.  The teen’s charity Food fair was a fun and interesting experience.  I was feeling scared but interested in the activity at the same time.

Mei Huey, Mahinda

The kid were happier than we were, we made so much profit and my class teachers were pleased.  I’m glad to be the games master of Mahinda class.

Eunice Tan, Tissa

We had good teamwork within members.  Everyone played their role, and there was always someone at the booth selling, serving customers, and some students weren’t in charge of anything, but still volunteered to help.  We were also able to adapt the situation quickly, for example nearing the end of the food fair, less customers came but we still have food to sell so we gave discount or lower down the price accordingly.


Summary sharing from Monggallana class

Overall, our class are pleased and happy with our performances.  We rejoiced in our good effort and cooperation, the spirit of working together. We reflect upon it and share our Merits with all sentient beings.  Please come forward and join us next year for Charity Fund raising, for fun and experiences!  Together, we can be better!Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!