BISDS - Staff Traning - Teaching Dhamma to Gen-Z

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1st training for the year entitled Teaching Dhamma to Gen-z was conducted on April 28 for 4 hrs in Wisdom Room, BMV

18 Teachers attended the training ( representing 42% of current BISDS teachers force)

The facilitator was Bro Tee Chee Seng, the Principal of BGF. 

He has shared several interesting and eye opening topics.

The main topics covered were the characteristics of Gen-z, how to educate Gen-z & activity on value based dhamma learning,

The role of Dhamma teachers or Dhamma minders plus the methods of teaching were also shared.

The participants' were then divided into 4 groups to prepare a lesson plan on value based learning. 

This activity took about 15mins and thereafter the group had the opportunity to present their lesson plans

Filial piety, kindness, respect & gratitude were the topics chosen.

The experience was so enlightening & amazing as well as fun. 

At the end of the session the participants were so motivated and aspired to continue to practice & adopt the lesson learnt in their respective classes.

27th April 2018