BISDS New Recruits Welcome Briefing 2019

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On Sunday morning, 3rd March 2019 our new recruits rushed to attend the BISDS New Recruits Welcome Briefing (NRWB) on the 1st floor of Wisma Dharma Cakra, (after they were having a hectic morning in attendance for BISDS teachers & staff group photography).

The theme for this program was "Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle". By making the choice to step forward as a volunteer in BISDS, one can be the light to thousands others in the community. A small colorful candle was given away as door gift to every participants. With one candle representing each newbies, collectively all volunteers are helping BISDS to continue its Vision & Mission in educating the young & old to walk the path of Dhamma.

A total of 15 new recruits participated in this program especially organised to welcome the 2019 new recruits into BISDS family.

We kick-off the program with Ice breaking by introducing a little bit about everyone present and a mystery box of various interesting questions for the participants to answer.

The participants were then introduced to the Staff Handbook for better understanding on the operations and administrations of the school. It was all joy for everyone reading the colorful slides on the "Dos & Donts" stated in the Handbook.

Bhante Siridhamma, our BISDS Principal gave an inspiring welcome speech and advise the newbies to work together harmoniously, not to waste this lifetime, for to be born as a human being is rare indeed. Bhante then presented the Jayamangala Gatha (Stanzas of victory) CDs to every participants. The newbies were then introduced to all the EXCO members and a short briefing on the objectives of each dept were shared by the respective EXCO members and Dept Heads present.

A delayed video presentation on BISDS events & activities was on whilst the participants played an interaction game to fix a colorful puzzle. Playing the game, the newbies were further encouraged to mingle together and interact to know each other better and gel their friendship and created confidence.

We ended the program with group photography and a feedback evaluation was conducted.

Below were all the feedback submitted: -

"Effective & efficient briefing for new staff to feel at home"

"Good, I felt welcome to this big family. Bhante's welcoming message touched my heart. I now know this organisation better"

"Yes, it is good. I am more clear about BISDS organisation, now. I think we should always repeat this program to remind us"

"Know our expectations better in serving BISDS". Very clear picture on the Staff Handbook, Dos & Donts and Teachers role. The timing is a bit rush"

"Good introductory on the 1st day. It opens up and provide many answers to many questions I have in the past"

"Good arrangement and able to know other staff and EXCO members closely"

"It's a good approach for all new recruits as it gives us more information on mission of BISDS. It makes us more confident to interact with parents and public as a teacher and volunteer in BISDS"

"Great! It would be good to hear some sharing of experiences and insights from existing, long serving volunteers"

"Next time it might be good to conduct this session earlier in the year"

"Learned about BISDS EXCO members, staff organisations and clearer picture of who is in BISDS, Feel like an organisation and understand the structure. Good Staff Handbook"

By Sis Jacqueline Ee