BISDS - Dhamma minder 4 training (2nd)

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Following up from our first session of Dhamma Minders 4, we were honored to have Dr.Khoo Boon Hock and Bro. Tee Chee Seng to lead the second session conducted on the 30th of June 2018. 

This week’s focus was on “Nurturing Critical Life Skills to thrive in the 21st Century”, led by Dr. Khoo and on “Friends and Friendship” by Bro. Tee Chee Seng

Our guest speaker, Dr. Khoo is a practicing pediatrician of more than forty years.

Given his line of work,   he has taken special interest in counselling to help change both adults’ and children's perspective on challenges. 

The first instalment of his talk touches on the global shifts in trends of the 21st century, the skills required for the next generation to strive through the next industrial revolution. 

He included ways in cultivating the said skills such as an all-inclusive classroom   where   both  student   and   teachers  are  involved   in  the   lesson   plan. He also shared slides on samples of Group discussions & class activities conducted to tap on the students creativity.  The   second instalment will be held in the next session on the 14th of July.  

On friends and friendship, Bro. Tee started with a discussion on what makes a person a good friend. 

His message encapsulates the characteristics of a kalyana mitta (noble friend in the dhamma)   and   how   to   maintain   that  friendship.  His   interactive   methods   of   sending   his message across made the session interesting.

To conclude, the participants of this week’s lesson will be able to apply modern teaching methods   in   Dhamma   classes   which  attracts   the   attention   of   young   students   as   well   as instilling life skills within them. 

They will also be able to tie in friendship and the Dhamma to educate the young ones.

by Sis Jacquiline Eee