BISDS Cleaning Day -A clean and meaningful Sunday

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23rd of September 2018

Today is a special day for BISDS. Today is our first day back to Wisma Dharma Chakra at BMV. Today is our first day back to our classrooms and today is our first day to work together to clean up our school.

BISDS management took this opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and ownership by involving all students and teachers to clean up the classroom, corridors and toilets of the building.  Class teachers and students brought their own cleaning equipment from home.  A morning briefing done by Bro David and followed by School Principle briefing and blessing.  All students and teachers were briefed on their roles and responsibilities as well as areas of responsibility.  There were 2 supervisors assigned to monitor the progress of the cleaning and lastly we managed to clean up the entire school in 2 hours’ time. We would like to thanks to all students, teachers and staff for your great teamwork.

Interview report from Revata Class:

“Thank you for organizing this campaign, I’ve learnt a lots from this, namely teamwork, each materials’ origin and etc.  Thanks to all the funds so we could have this wonderful building and facilities.  I’m very grateful as I have learnt many things.  Very nice equipment and Thank you.”

Interview report from Myanmar Students:

“I’m happy with my new classroom, I liked the school in white colour and feel fresh go into classroom.  I’m excited and I’m not tired, happy to work with friends to clean up the classroom.”

material provided by Sis Rachel Phang, Natasha Phang  (youth) and Sis Loh Mei Leng