BISDS - Class Party (Vakkali, Khema, Nanda and Myanmar classes)

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BISDS Party Day ( Vakkali, Khema, Nanda and Myanmar classes)

A combined class party (hosted by Vakkali, Khema and Nanda) was held at Asoka Hall this morning.

We celebrated this event with the Myanmar students headed by Sis Jacqueline. There were games, plenty of food and drinks and gifts for all the children. Some of the parents, the Youth, Bro David, Bro Ronald and Bro Jimmy were there to join in the fun and to lend us their support too. All of us had a field day and nobody left empty handed.

A Big Sadhu to all the teachers who helped in organizing this special day.

Happy holidays everyone. See you again next year. Sadhu 3x

By sis Ling Mei Lee

18th Nov 2018