BISDS - The Art of Storytelling training by uncle Vijaya

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The Art of Storytelling program was conducted on 25 May 2019 in Revata classroom for BISDS Teachers and Staff.

A prominent speaker and widely known as Uncle Vijaya was the facilitator for this program. A total of 35 teachers & staff registered for this program.

Uncle Vijaya started the session with the "whats" and "whys" of storytelling. He has also explained to the participants on the "how" to storytell. His storytelling on "A Tell-Tale Heart" was so mesmerising. All the participants were so facinated with his story.His skills and usage of various intonations and expressions was excellent. He has also included the element of suspense to his storytelling.

The participants were also given the opportunity to storytell. Sometime was given to the participants to select their stories from the Jataka Tales and rehearsed before their presentations. 7 participants took the challenge to present their stories. Thereafter Uncle Vijaya shared his observations to improve the participants' skills in storytelling. The class was full of laughter and joy throughout the whole session.

From the feedback evaluation collected, all the participants had a fruitful and enjoyable day in this class.

The session ended with presentation of Certificate of Attendance to the participants and group photography but not forgetting a show of gratitude to Uncle Vijaya.

By sis Jacqueline