2023 - Yasa 1 perfoming lunch dana to BMV sangha

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Lunch Dana to Sangha members.

Our Yasa1 students were privileged to join other BMV devotees in performing the wholesome practice of lunch Dana ( food offerings to the monks )during school hours (11am-12noon) on Sunday ,5th March 2023.

Before the offerings, we discussed the meaning of performing Dana, the importance of this meritorious deed and why we must show our gratitude and respect to the Sangha. Yasa 1 students learned the meaning of giving with a happy heart and with good intentions without expecting anything in return. Our Yasa 1 contributions to the lunch Dana were in the form of food.

Before we went down to the main kitchen for the actual offerings , we sat quietly in meditation on gratitude and loving kindness to all beings .We went to the shrine hall with calm and peaceful minds to pay respect to our great teacher , the Buddha and reflect on the Dhamma. We observed how Buddha puja was conducted and also received blessings from Chief Reverend.

Yasa 1 students later rejoiced in making offerings to the monks at the BISDS kitchen area and dedicate merits to our departed ones .

May all beings rejoice in the sharing of merits and be happy, well and peaceful . Maha Sadhu to all the teachers , staff , our dear parents and devotees of Buddhist Maha Vihara for their unconditional guidance and support in our Dhamma learning journey .

Yasa 1

5th March 2023