2023 Subhuti Class helping F&B

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19th March 2023. Last Sunday it was Subhuti's class turn to prepare food and beverages for BISDS Teachers, Staff, and Students.

Students had shown great teamwork and were able to coordinate well and had so much fun.

It was a good experience for students to understand the process, hard work, and great effort taken by our BISDS F&B team.

Before the session, we had a briefing on the process required and reflection and sharing after the event. Kudos to BISDS F& B  team for their caring, and passion, and taking so much effort to ensure students involved had a great feeling of achievement, friendship, and teamwork.  
These are  the shareing by Subhuti students:

I feel happy because I can help. I learned how to use a knife. Also, I wish to thank the people who brought the food for dana otherwise we will not have food after our lesson. (Yip Santa)

Today I feel happy because I did dana helping in the canteen and preparing lunch for students and teachers. I also got to pet the nice fluffy cat who was wandering around in the canteen.

 (Yong Wing Teng)

Today's experience is very good. I get to serve food to people and learn how to peel dragon fruits, and serve food in harmony and teamwork.  I  can be in their shoes experiencing how people serve the meal. Overall, today was a great day, and I even got to play with the cute cat! (Chen Fan Jia)

It was a fun experience because we got to help out and also learn to be grateful for what we have. By doing this  we gain merits. It was also good to practice  teamwork and  working together with my classmates was a good experience  (Lequisha)

I learned how to be grateful. The experience is fun and good. I also learn how to prepare dishes.    (Lim Yi Shawn)

Today was a fun day because we got to prepare food for teachers and students. It was exhausting but we got to have some snacks in the end. (Tan Yen Shan)

l learn teamwork. I like this activity (Law Ming Jet)

Today's Dana I felt exhausted but happy because I get to know a lot of friends and get to prepare food for others just like my mom prepares food for me and my sisters every day. (Foong Zhen Jie)

Today, I have the chance to serve vegetables to people and have the chance to play with the cat (Kenrick Yap)

It was easy peasy like ABC to cook.  I always stay in my home kitchen. I learn many things about cooking.  I LOVE cooking.  (Toh Yun Fong)

I felt happy preparing food in the canteen for BISDS  students because I learn a lot of things such as cutting fruits and many more. (Lee Zhan Yuet)