2023 -Sariputta Class students alms offering to Sangha members

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Sariputta Class students alms offering to Sangha members

On 15th January 2023, adult Sariputta class students, led by Head Teacher Bro Tan Bok Huat

performed Buddha Puja in the Shrine Room and offered alms to Sangha members in the

Buddhist Maha Vihara during schooling hours.

Collectively, students donated $100 to Buddhist Maha Vihara to prepare the food and drinks

and brought along beautiful flowers, Yakult drinks, Chinese New Year (CNY) oranges and

Optrex refreshing eye drops for Buddha Puja and alms offering.

First portions of food and drinks were placed in Puja tray for Buddha Puja. Students

experienced the beautiful, simple and meaningful Buddha-Puja with Sri Lankan touch, as

these items were carried from Dana Hall to the Shrine Room. Reverend conducted the Buddha

Puja in the language spoken by the Buddha. At the end of the session, Reverend chanted

blessings verses whilst sprinkling holy water onto students and devotees. As a teacher, I

rejoice in guiding and seeing students performing devotional practise of puja with saddha

(conviction) and sati (mindfulness).

After Buddha Puja, we proceeded to the Dana Hall for alms offering. Students had the

opportunity to practice what they learn in class in the morning. That is, to give with attention,

respectfully, with one’s own hand, not as if throwing it away, and with a view that something

will come out of it. In giving alms, students give four things to Sangha members. What four?

Students give long life, beauty, happiness and strength to Sangha members. In return, they

will be endowed with these four things. Good to see them rejoicing before, during and after

the alms offering.

CNY oranges, commonly called “kam” was a special offering as the following Sunday is

Chinese Lunar New Year. CNY oranges were offered in whole rather than peeled, wishing

Reverends abundance of good health in the lunar year of the Rabbit, many more years of

dhamma-duta works and the attainment of Nibbana bliss.

In our joyful moments of performing wholesome deeds, we remember our departed ones and

perform dedication of merits. Students were connected to each other through touching each

other shoulders, all the way to the Lead student who holds the pot of water. The water

represents the abundance of merits flows from all students. Led by Reverend, we recited the

Pali verses for the dedication of merits, as lead student pours water from the pot into a

receptacle. If our departed ones have taken rebirths in favourable planes, may they keep an

eye on us and loved ones. If they have taken rebirth in unfavourable planes, may they rejoice

in today’s wholesale deeds and obtain favourable rebirth.

As Sangha members leave the Dana Hall, with folded palms in anjali posture, we bow with

respect to Reverends, rejoice for this dana opportunity and say saddhu to kitchen staff for their

valuable assistance and guidance provided. Sadhu also to the school for incorporating this

alms offering into schooling hours and as part of dhamma teaching which encompasses Study,

Practise and Self-realised the Dhamma.

Submission by:

Bro Tan Bok Huat

Head Teacher, Sariputta Class 2023

Dated: 19th January 2023