2023 - Mother's day by Cunda class

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A Tribute to the Unconditional Love of Mothers - Happy Mother’s Day, 14th May 2023

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May. Yet, every year, we should celebrate everyday as Mother’s Day to show respect, gratitude, and honour our mothers and make them feel special.

This year, BISDS Sunday School Dhamma classes celebrated Mother’s Day differently. On this day, teachers adopted different methods to teach their students to make their mothers feel special.

In the Art & Craft activity, teachers celebrated Mother’s Day by organizing various classroom activities for their students. Some children bought gifts for their mothers, some cut cakes, some prepared homemade cards, some sang songs, some took their mothers for a day-out and spent quality time with them, while others pleased their mothers by getting her favourite things. Of all the expensive things, handmade gifts always holds a special place in the hearts of our mothers.

What a meaningful Mother’s Day celebration celebrated in different and creative ways? Kudos to everyone who put warmth and joy to make this year’s Mother’s Day special!

Written by: Sumathi TS Singham

                  Cunda Class Teacher