2023 - Grow in Dhamma by bro Tan Bok Huat

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Grow in Dhamma: Living a Meaningful Life- The Buddhist Way

What is the Purpose of Life? This is perhaps the most important question one may ask.

To try to find some answers to this question, a group of BISDS’ staff and teachers gathered on 19 March to participate in the Dhamma Sharing by Deputy Principal of BISDS, Bro Tan Bok Huat re “Living a Meaningful Life”, which was the first series of the Monthly Dhamma Sharing sessions for this year.

 One thing is for sure, human life is extremely precious. The Majjhima Nikaya describes human life is as rare as the likelihood of a blind turtle, rising from the depths of the ocean to the surface once in a hundred years, putting its head through the hole in the wooden yoke floating in an open sea.

Another thing for sure, Buddhists’ ways of a meaningful life are not about material wealth, frame, or praises. The wise ones say a meaningful life means helping others, at least refraining from harming others, and living one’s life honestly, truthfully, and compassionately.

According to our great teacher, the late Venerable Dr. K Sri Dhammananda, “to know the purpose of life, you will first have to observe it through your experience and insight”. A more profound guideline has been given: Understand the nature of Human Life; Follow an ethical-moral system (Dhamma) that discourages evil deeds, encourages good, and enables the purification of the mind; and eventually a Realization through own experience and insight.

We are all very fortunate in this life, having the chance to take the Triple Gem as our Refuge, and have the highest blessing to associate with the wise, noble people through our services and involvement in the BISDS. Don’t waste it, let’s all try to improve ourselves, our knowledge, and our wisdom as we all walk the path and the journey we are seeking.