2023 - Exam Blessing

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Q: What is the best gift to youths sitting for SPM and other major exams?


It’s the gift of Venerables suttas chanting, blessings and words of encouragement from Venerables, President of BMV and Teachers.

On this day, 8pm, Monday 13th February, the Vihara was serene, peaceful, well lighted and with cooling temperature after the evening rain.

Students, accompanied by their parents and Dhamma Teachers were at the Holy Pagoda with many Venerables. This examination blessing service was organised by BMV for students, including those who were not present.

Present onsite were Teachers Sis Annie Loh Sau Chun, Sis Ong Sim Leng and Bro Tan Bok Huat giving words of encouragement to students. Go forth with the blessings of the Triple Gem, calmness of the mind and confidence in oneself. Best wishes to all.

By Bro Tan Bok Huat