2019 Wesak T-shirt Design Winner - Sis Chua Gek Khim

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6th of May 2019,

I was delighted and happy that my design - The Red Lotus had won the Wesak Day 2019 T-Shirt design competition.  . I took part in this event, more for the spirit of volunteerism and fellowship. Ideas came and I designed a few entries which I thought fit the theme of Wesak Day 2019 – Doing Good, Seeking Truth.

Winning isn’t important. Rather, it is a small bonus for the effort put in. What is important is that I hope all of us will strive to rise above all the imperfections in our daily life. And eventually, achieve Nibbana.

Thus ,the red lotus in the design represent Awakening and Rising from the imperfections that we live in. It also signifies impermanence of life and why we should  do all the Good we could and seek the Truth till we achieve Enlightenment.

My sincere and greatest gratitude to the staff, teachers and students of BISDS for their encouragement.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

by Sis Chua Gek Khim