2019 BISDS Lanterns Night - Sivali Nyonya Food

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Lantern Night is a night of fun and laughter for the Baba and Nyonya Community, young and old especially where I came from PENANG.
We celebrate firstly by cooking our favourite Nyonya kuehs and desserts like Kueh paiti, Kueh bingka, Kueh talam, Kueh angkoo, pengat pisang and red eggs to celebrate at night.
Secondly the Elders Nyonyas wear their Sarong kebayas with kerosang, antin, gelang dan kasut manik. The men Baba's wear Baju Panjang.
Thirdly the children will light up their lanterns and carry it or  hang the lanterns all around their gate inside the compound of their houses. Fire crackers are also part of the lantern night celebration. When full moon is bright, shining and round,  the lady teenages will throw oranges into the river as it is a Nyonya belief that they will get a good and loving future husband. For the youth male teenagers they will throw stones into the river and make a wish so that they will own a big bungalows in the future.
It is also a night of singing and dancing with music like Dondang Sayang and Pantun.
A memorable and happy night of sharing for every member of the family.

By Sis Baby Cheah