2019 BISDS Lanterns Night by Revata, Upali and Yasa

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7th September 2019

Every family has a Story. Welcome to Ours, Family Food Station of Revata, Upali and Yasa Class.

On 7 th September 2019, the teachers and students of Revata, Upali and Yasa had joint effort to set up a food stall to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Our theme was Family Ties, representing the BISDS Family i.e. the staff, teachers, students, and their family members.

The busy evening started with the teachers, students and family members decorating the stall to the best of their ability and creativity. A big Sadhu to all the teachers, parents and students for their generosity as we had a delicious spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food for all BISDS family members and the public. We had a great time as the saying goes a Little Bit of Crazy, a Little Bit of Loud and a whole Lotta Love!


Revata, Upali and Yasa Class