2019 BISDS Lanterns Night - Refreshment Team

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6th Sept 2019

Here comes the opportunity for our team, together with our students to contribute DANA for this auspicious event. Dana connotes the virtue of generosities, charity or giving alms. Together we managed to collect a few of hundred ringgit and our chef proposed a SATAY CELUP MELAKA. We invited many volunteers to join in the preparation and brought this Malaccan’s famous Satay Celup to town.  

The great attraction of this special menu was when the peanut sauce was at boiling point, the entire hall could smell the aroma that attracted the crowd. We were truly delighted to see children and parents of BISDS surrounding our stall to taste this hot yummy food. For those who are unfamiliar of the term, Satay Celup is actually a steamboat with authentic Malacca satay sauce. It is a dish where raw foods (for example, vegetables, seafood, meats etc ) are on a skewers and dipped into a hot pot of thick spicy peanut sauce. 

Satisfaction came when we see smiles and laughter  filled up the hall during this event which together,  we develop bonding time with friends, family and all walks of life.


BISDS F&B team