2019 BISDS Lanterns Night - Lanterns Making winners

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Winner of Lantern making

I'm glad and happy I have win the first prize Eco Lantern Contest. Look forward for a nice Hi Tea with my family members .
It is good time for bonding with family members during lantern making. During initial stage I taught it's easy to do it, however, during the process, its really take time and determination to complete it especially weaving braided lantern part. Overall, we only have 1 week to complete the lantern and find the recycle material from night market, friends and neighborhood.

Sis Ong from Sariputta Class

2nd Prize 

The lantern I made was inspired by the traditional lantern design which was the flower basket. Since the theme was using recyclable items to make the lantern, the main material I used was plastic. I used old plastic bags to replace the common glass paper for the window of the lantern.

Furthermore I used old Chinese New Year celebration decoration to add some pink colour to my lantern. The main design of my lantern was the tail which had the fluffy effect. I used several plastic strings and tore it up finely to make this design. This idea was actually inspired by my mom. When she was young she used this technique to make old rugs to wipe their feet. I found it very interesting and it was an amazing art to be known by everyone.
The mid autumn festival is a traditional event for the younger generation to appreciate the meaning of reunion and togetherness.

Foong Jin Yu