2019 BISDS Lanterns Night

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7th September 2019 Lanterns Night

It was an auspicious and wonderful day on the 7th of September at BISDS, where fellow teachers, staff and students are gathered for the Lantern Night Festival event. It was filled with a vibrant atmosphere of food and fun. From chicken curry to chocolate fondue, several food stalls were set up in the Asoka Hall for a sharing of potluck dinner. Each stall had their unique dishes presented and shared with the rest.

The night started off with a series of singing performances from Voice of Dhamma, our own choir group. After that, an Eco Lantern competition was held, where participants had to design lanterns using recyclable materials creatively. Interactive games and riddles also took place in the Asoka Hall, where children and adults alike had lots of fun enjoying themselves. At the end of the day, attractive prizes were awarded to the winners of the games, best stall presentation and best dressed boy and girl.

And of course what would Lantern Night Festival be without the lantern procession. With their lanterns lit, dangling side to side; the children came out one by one as they took a short tour around the BISDS compound under the full moon’s night.

The Lantern Night Festival was definitely a successful event. It was a time for gathering and joyful sharing among all BISDS members; as well as keeping up with the cultural tradition of Lantern Night. We hope that all of you enjoyed yourselves on that day!

Eunice Tan

By Emcees Eunice Tan