2019 BISDS Lantern Night - Mooncake Making

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7th Sept 2019

BISDS Lantern Night is a joyful event with pleasant memories for me mainly because teachers, brothers and sisters gather together in this occasion with their parents and families. A unified community that gives the proudest moment of  joy of sharing, playing, enjoying, teaching, and learning.

The day spent in Vihara gives me a pleasurable happiness to join hands with teachers,brothers and sisters, parents and families trying to make mooncakes. Some seems to pick up making mooncake skills quickly and easily whereas  others find it difficult & slow. But they are not discourage and give up but continue doing it with joy and laughter.

Overall it is a good efforts by all present and thank you to BISDS and teachers who have given me the opportunities enjoyed so much.
Teachers, Staffs, Students, parents and families, a unified community that gives the proudest joy of teaching, learning and enjoying as "A FAMILY" ... BISDS.

Vincent Gwee