16th June 2019, Today is Father’s Day.

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After Puja session, Vakkali students lead by teacher rounded classrooms to share the fruits that they brought for the Puja duty with the daddies who are also the volunteer teacher and staff of BISDS. While in Sariputta Class, Branden Yap of Vakkali made everyone delighted with his surprise wish to all fathers “We are from Vakkali, Happy Father’s Day!” This made everyone wants to take photo with him.

Back to classroom, Vakkali students were taught to made superhero card. The superhero cards were later tied to the bottles of mix nuts and dried fruits specially prepared by the teachers.

Before we call off for the day, Vakkali students headed down to the corridor of Asoka Hall to perform a song that they have practiced since 3 weeks ago to the parents called Daddy is His Name O. “I have a very special friend, daddy is his name o, D-a-d-d-y, D-a-d-d-y, D-a-d-d-y, Daddy is his name o....”.

To all daddies in this group, Happy Father’s Day!

Credits go to Teacher Chua, Teacher Jean and Teacher Lai Yi